Tawatinsa yatra introduction

Tawatinsa Yatra is a charity organization established with the objective of encouraging members to foster Noble qualities by fulfilling the seven vows undertaken by god Sakka, lord of Devas, while he was a human. Supreme Buddha pointed out the seven vows as being; as long as I live may I help my parents, may I respect the family elders,may I speak gently, may I not speak divisively, may I live at home without greediness, removing the stain of stinginess, open-handed, always ready to give, always free to help others, delighting in giving and sharing, and well organized in giving charity, may I speak the truth, may I be free from anger, and if anger should arise in me, may I remove it quickly. Our charity work involves helping out Elders’ homes, hospitals and centers of the disabled by cleaning the premises, providing clothes and food, caring for the sick and attending to other needs of the occupants, freeing captive animals, and animals that are to be slaughtered, providing school equipment for children living in rural areas, reconstructing roads and bridges in rural areas for the convenience of people living in those areas, etc